About these companies

  • Akelius Languages is a language training company that provides courses for refugees in various languages.
  • BMW is a German multinational corporation which produces luxury vehicles and motorcycles.
  • Esanum is a French online medical platform that connects patients with doctors and other healthcare professionals. Guidehouse is a professional services firm that provides consulting, technology, and managed services to businesses and government organizations.
  • Juwelo is an e-commerce platform for jewelry and gems.
  • Labor Berlin is a German fashion and lifestyle company that designs and produces clothing and accessories.
  • Mercedes-Benz Bank is a German bank that specializes in financing and leasing for Mercedes-Benz vehicles.
  • Ostdeutscher Sparkassenverband is a German association of savings banks in the eastern states of Germany.
  • Siemens is a German multinational conglomerate that operates in the fields of industry, energy, healthcare, and infrastructure.
  • Solaris Bank is a German fintech company that provides digital banking services to businesses and individuals.
  • ThyssenKrupp is a German multinational conglomerate that operates in the fields of steel production, elevators, and industrial services.
  • UNICEF is a United Nations program that provides humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in developing countries.

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