a picture of a diverse group of business english users

Incorporating #DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) into business English lessons can be a great way to promote a more inclusive and respectful workplace #culture . Here are some ways you can incorporate DEI into your business English lessons:

  1. Start by discussing the importance of DEI in the business world. This can help set the stage for why it’s important to address these issues in your lessons.
  2. Use authentic materials and case studies that feature diverse perspectives and experiences. This can help students see how DEI is relevant to real-world business situations.
  3. Encourage students to think critically about the language they use in the workplace, and how it can impact others. For example, discuss the importance of using inclusive language and avoiding language that may be perceived as biased or offensive.
  4. Consider using role-playing activities or simulations to help students practice using inclusive language and responding to situations that may arise in the workplace.
  5. Provide #resources and support for students to continue learning about DEI, such as recommending books, articles, or workshops on the topic.

Overall, the key is to make DEI an integral part of your business English lessons, rather than a standalone topic. By doing so, you can help create a more inclusive and respectful workplace culture for all your students.

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