Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

I’m an independent English language teacher. If you book a lesson here, it will be with me

How can I book an info session?

By following the link here Book a lesson

Is the payment due before the course period starts ?

You can book lessons in advance using my website for a discount,

For the €100/€200 per month option, I do ask for payment in advance as it is a discounted rate.

 If you don’t want to pay in advance, I can invoice you at the end of the month at a rate of €35 per 60 minutes. 

How can I ensure I get my lessons if I pay in advance?

Your purchase is protected by Paypal or Stripe depending on how you purchase. Plus I want happy students to stay in business!

If you or I could not take a lesson for some reason, would we arrange another appointment without additional cost?

It is extremely rare that I would cancel a lesson but if so, that would be rearranged at no extra cost. 

There will be no fixed times for your appointments, so rearranging within the week is also free.

If you cancel an lesson within 24 hours of the appointment  and are unable to provide a new time within that week, that would be a lost lesson on your behalf.

When can I book a lesson?

I work from Sunday to Friday, and you can see my availability here

What do you do with my personal data?

I contact you via email for organising lessons but I collect no other data and I do not pass on your data to anyone else. Full details here