About Me

Hi, my name is Shaun. I’m an Englishman who has been living in Germany since the beginning of May 2013. I was born in Cornwall, but after living and working in a couple of cities in England I decided to spread my wings a bit further. I studied in Manchester, the rainiest part of England and after that I lived in London for a while. I enjoyed them both but Berlin is ten times better!

I taught English as a foreign language in Berlin with a well known international language school  which was great for meeting lots of different people, but working for myself, directly with students is more satisfying, in my experience. It means I can provide lessons which are a perfect fit for each student or company.

I have been a University lecturer since 2015, teaching business English to undergraduates. Naturally this includes some aspects of TOEFL and IELTS.

Experienced corporate trainer and language teacher providing English language based solutions for companies and individuals in Berlin, in company, in the classroom and online. Focusing on communicating simply and effectively. I perform all administrative tasks related to managing multiple clients. I keep up to date with trends within L&D. I am a self reliant person who develops and implements e-learning and blended learning solutions, after thorough needs analysis, to identify the learning and development requirements of the group, to create varied, modern and engaging courses, while setting clear milestones and learning objectives. It should be fun too!

Shaun Trezise


In England, I worked for about 6 years and I have real world experience in customer service, call centre operations, I.T. support which included attending regular meetings, taking part in conference calls, as well as giving presentations presentations and organising project work. This gives me a real advantage when it comes to coaching you to achieve the best results from your English lessons.

I am especially interested in about ethical business development, renewable energy, and medical technology, particularly related to telehealth. I can also talk about football and food for hours!

Skills and Training

Project Management Online 2020

Intro to Agile 2019

Lernen und Lehren in CORE-Prinzip 2018 

Integrating language and content in EAP 2018 

Developing fluency in ESP classroom 2017 

Tips and techniques for developing as BE trainer 2016

Personalisation:The Final Frontier? 2016 

High Order Thinking – Listening 2016  

Power, confusion and offence: Systemic Functional Linguistics and Business Email Writing 2015

The Flipped Classroom 2015

Representing Communicative competence 2015 

Teaching English as a Foreign Language 100 hours 2013

4 thoughts on “Shaun Trezise

  1. Hi Shaun. Nice to meet you here. I am an English teacher who is also a blogger. I am interested in posting an article in your blog. The article would be about “using brochure to teach English”.

    Would that be possible?

    oh, by the way. My blog is https://edutechspot.com

    nice to see you Shaun.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


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